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Harry Hedison Partner at Mercury Capital Advisors Greater Boston Area 439 connections. Join to Connect. Mercury Capital Advisors. University of Michigan - Ross School of Business. Alexandra Hedison is the lucky lady to snag Jodie Foster. Read on for the details on the couple's nuptials, their relationship, and some background on Hedison. Jodie Foster’s wife is Alexandra Hedison. They got married in 2013. Jodie had at least 14 relationship in the past. Jodie Foster has not been previously engaged. She has two sons named Charles and Christopher. During a speech at the 2013 Academy Awards, she came out as a lesbian. The following year, she married photographer Alexandra Hedison. Born and raised in Los Angeles, Hedison, 44, is the daughter of David Hedison, a stage, film and television actor best known for his role as James Bond’s ally Felix Leiter in Live and Let Die ... The Oscar-winning actress wed photographer Alexandra Hedison over the weekend after dating for almost a year. ... before thanking her ex-partner Cydney Bernard, the mother of her two sons. ... David Hedison, the tall, dark and handsome actor who rose to fame as the by-the-book submarine captain on the prime-time series “Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea,” died on Thursday in Los Angeles. Relationships. Alexandra Hedison has been in relationships with Jennifer Beals (2008 - 2010), Ellen DeGeneres (2001 - 2004) and Rosalind Christmas.. About. Alexandra Hedison is a 51 year old American Actress. Born Alexandra Mary Hedison on 10th July, 1969 in Los Angeles, California, USA, she is famous for The L Word, Married to Jodie Foster in a career that spans 1994–present.

The American actress Jodie Foster Enjoying Married Relationship with Lesbian Partner Alexandra Hedison

2018.05.09 07:58 enduoli The American actress Jodie Foster Enjoying Married Relationship with Lesbian Partner Alexandra Hedison

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2015.11.01 03:27 pharmaceus A question about "butch/femme" stereotypes in homosexual couples - your subjective take.

I'd like to ask for an explanation of this peculiar phenomenon that can often be seen in gay couples where one person would imitate "masculine" appearance/behaviour and the other would take "feminine" characteristics. Sorry if it's somewhere in the FAQ but (a) I'm too tired to look it up (going to bed and hoping for some answers tomorrow and later) and (b) I'm much more interested in a personal explanation rather than some reserved scientific analysis and finally (c) I am most interested in the cases where (possibly) one person changed from one "mode" to another. (flavours? what do you call it?)
So far as a straight guy I never paid it much attention generally thinking that it's just some random joke biology plays on humans (like most of life) but I was reading something about Jodie Foster and I found out that she finally married in 2014 and then looked up her partner and noticed that she also dated Ellen DeGeneres. And here is the interesting thing - she (Alexandra Hedison) seemed to play "femme" with Ellen but turned very "butch" with Jodie Foster. As I never really got an explanation for the whole butch/femme thing I decided to finally ask enough people to get a meaningful answer. Or not.
I 've known two gay (male) couples fairly well and too noticed that trend occurring between them. The first couple had moderately different characteristics in their behaviour and appearance but it was very strongly tied to their personality. The "butch" guy was outgoing and had a very strong personality and the "femme" guy was sort of a quiet introvert. And that was that - both had facial hair and dressed "straight". But it was very obvious which one was yin and which one was yang.
The second couple shows off their differences quite openly - with the "butch" guy being fairly masculine, physically active (and not very concerned with general tidiness and hygiene) while the "femme" guy is not only very waifish but also wears makeup and generally has some bizarre feminine gestures and behaviour (but is not what you might call a "diva" - nothing overtly flamboyant).
So how does that work? Is it something like changing your clothing style after becoming a member of some subculture? Or is it something more tied to your personality? Can more or less everyone change their "flavour" or is it something that is distinctively different in the gay community? Most interestingly - is it possible for two "femme" or "butch" individuals to date (long-term!) their counterpart rather than the opposite? Is it something that you decide/settle on yourselves or is it some form of resolving "differences" between each couple individually. Sort of addressing the need for (sorry for that analogy) proper balance in each relationship where morphology (both of the same sex) is not helping.
Sorry for the rambling post but it's late and I am a bit confused and I am not very into the whole LGBT-lingo. Treat my question as something akin to asking a young metalhead "why do you wear black clothes and have long hair?" (been asked that many times). Perhaps it's stupid but I have nothing (as a straight guy - obviously!) and both couples felt very embarrassed when I asked them and didn't have any helpful explanations. Anyway, thanks for answers in advance.
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2015.07.15 19:52 dr_hermes Wait, you're telling me there's a dimension of FLY PEOPLE..?

The origin of the Fly, by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby, from ADVENTURES OF THE FLY# 1, August 1959. This was actually based on an earlier concept of theirs called the Silver Spider, which (based on the pencilled pages I've seen of it) had none of the sci-fi undertones of this. The boy was given the ring by a modern, mustachioed genie in a derby, as I recall, and the Captain Marvel homage was much more obvious. The Silver Spider himself wore no mask and was a blond guy with freckles much like the little boy. (Some of this reportedly went into the making of Spider-Man, but to honest, I don't see much of a connection.)
Jack Kirby always had a boiling imagination that could throw out new characters by the handful, and his costume designs are always apt. The Fly is just a little eerie. His colors are dark green and gold (like a fly, after all), his cowl features goggles that give him an insect-like stare and rather than a cape he has two clear fly wings up between his shoulder blades. We find out many years later that these are not part of the costume but real, orhanic wings that are part of the magical Fly body. The Fly is also one of the few super-heoes to pack a side-arm, a weird-looking Buzz Gun in an open holster.
As it stands, this Fly story draws on both Charles Dickens with its miserable orphanage run by a corrupt brute, and on the drive-in movies (THE FLY with Al Hedison and Vincent Price had been a huge hit even for audiences who didn't usually go see that sort of crazy film). The dark mysticism angle is interesting, too. Tommy is sent to live with a pair of elderly dabblers in sorcery, which explains why the magic ring is in their possession. The weirdly buglike Turan tells the tragic history of his ancient race, who misused their vast magic powers the same way we seemed about to unleash our nuclear creations.. and they suffered obliteration the same way we seemed to be going. (There was a real feeling of impending doom during the Cold War that later generations may not be able to fully relate to. As bad as things are today, there isn't the same feeling in the air that at any minute the missiles might launch and giant radioactive clouds will begin wiping out city after city.)
The little throwaway line of the fate suffered by those of Turan's people who remained in our dimension haunted me a bit as a child. They dwindled into the common housefly. What a comedown for a once-proud and mighty race. Don't swat that fly, it might be Turan's relative.
After the first four issues with the origin and some stories done by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby, the Fly settled comfortably into a long dull career as a bland generic second-rate super-hero. At the beginning of #5, we have skipped ahead a decade from the first few stories. Thomas Troy is now an adult, a new lawyer opening his practice and he hasn't used the Fly ring for years. (What? How could you NOT use something that amazing, even for fun?). For the next few years, ADVENTURES OF THE FLY would be as bland and polished and unexciting as most DC comics of that era. The stories and the John Rosenberger art had that done-by-committee look. This was not an accident. Publisher John Goldwater thought Simon and Kirby's art was too crude and energetic; he wanted something more smooth and slick and boring, like DC's was. So we missed out on maybe a few more issues of Simon and Kirby super-hero wildness. As it stands, the Fly would be the last original super-hero that Joe Simon and Jack Kirby created while working together.
The Fly picked up a partner with the same powers and costume, Fly Girl, to water things down even more. He developed his own form of Kryptonite, the insecticide Chlordane. He faced a league of recurring nemeses, he was just blah. A few years after his comic passed away in its sleep, the Fly was brought back as Fly Man in a Camp spasm revived all the MLJ heroes with deliberately awful writing and art. If you haven't seen the 1967 "Mighty Comics", well, a merciful Fate has spared you.
Still later, Archie gave the super-heroes another shot at the Red Circle imprint. The Fly and Fly Girl were rousted, dusted off and hitched up to pull that wagon again. After that, DC leased rights for awhile and came out with revised versions of the Fly, the Web, the Jaguar and so forth, but they did not exactly start a national sensation that time either.
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2014.08.08 17:13 dr_hermes LICENCE TO KILL (1989) Reviewed

All right then, I seem to have covered all the Ian Fleming material, time to start on the movies___________
Dir: John Glen (not the astronaut)
The second and last film with Timothy Dalton as James Bond. It plays better now than I remembered it. At the time, LICENCE TO KILL was criticized for being too mundane, too ordinary, as Bond tackles a mere drug lord rather than a world-conquering megalomaniac. There were fewer of the unlikely gadgets, no larger than life Neanderthal henchman, no slapstick. I personally was glad, being more a fan of the Ian Fleming books than of the movie 007, and I liked seeing a more down-to-Earth adventure for the character. (Dalton's Bond starts off neatly groomed in impeccable evening wear, and ends up bloodied and bruised and half dead in tatters, which is very much how Fleming's Bond fared.) But it was not what most filmgoers expected. Years of Roger Moore had identified James Bond as a smooth suave playboy who barely gets his hair mussed as he foils the villains and escapes with the girl.
The bad guy is Franz Sanchez (Robert Davi), a international cocaine emperor who is brutal in a crude way earlier Bond villains weren't. He whips his concubine with the tail of a stingray (Oww! this is taken from a Fleming short story, "The Hildebrand Rarity") and has the heart cut out of a man she was fooling around with. His main henchman is creepy little Dario (Benicio del Toro, all wicked grins and greasy hair), just aching to torture and kill. Sanchez wants revenge on DEA agent Felix Leiter (David Hedison), and he gets it by murdering Leiter's bride on their wedding night and feeding Leiter to a shark. This gives us a scene straight from Fleming's LIVE AND LET DIE, where Bond finds the bloody ruin of his friend with a note, "He disagreed with something that ate him." (Hedison's Leiter gets off with less damage than Fleming's character, who sported a hook hand, wooden leg and eyepatch if memory serves*.) Understandably annoyed at all this (He had been best man at the ceremony), Bond swears vegeance. Unfortunately, M has other assignments lined up and he orders 007 to get back on the job.
Bond tries to resign from the Service to go on a personal vendetta, and M revokes his licence to kill, prompting 007 to fight loose and go off on his own.[As an aside, the story goes that the original title was going to be LICENCE REVOKED but they tested it and those dumb Americans did not know the meaning of "revoked" so the title was changed to LICENCE TO KILL. I find this hard to believe, it sounds like a gratuitous dig at Americans (it's wrong when Americans poke fun at other nationalties but we are fair targets.). I don't know any adults who do not understand the word "revoked." On the other hand, the producers of the Bond films do seem inclined to work KILL, DIE, DEATH and similar words into their titles. TOMORROW NEVER LIES (a phrase within the film about Carver's newspaper) became TOMORROW NEVER DIES to get that death fetish in. So I can see LICENCE REVOKED becoming LICENCE TO KILL because it sounds meaner and tougher, and a little snark at Americans is just a bonus ("they're all fat, too.")]
Anyway, working outside the Secret Service doesn't seem any different than business as usual for Bond. He promptly kills a few people and skyjacks a seaplane packed with mattress-sized bundles of money, so he has capital to work with. Even Q shows up uninvited with some whacko gadgets, including a laser-firing camera and a gun that only shoots for its registered owner. Bond even quickly gets a female partner, Pam Bouvier (Carey Lowell), who is a CIA-contract pilot and good with a shotgun. So it's business as usual, really. Bond isn't running from other 00-agents sent to retrieve or silence him; indeed, M seems to just feel, 'Oh let the lad run wild a bit, he'll come back once he blows off some steam.' Possibly M secretly agreed with Bond but couldn't say so because then there would be trouble with the Home Secretary or something.
I rather liked LICENCE TO KILL at the time, it seemed like a nice change of pace from the usual blow-up-the-world threats ending in a confused battle between armies of good guys and bad guys. It had more of an Ian Fleming feel. But it wasn't what audiences in general wanted (and there was serious competition for their dollars in the summer of 1989: LETHAL WEAPON 2, INDIANA JONES AND THE HOLT GRAIL, and BATMAN.)
As it happened, there would not be another James Bond movie for five years, when Pierce Brosnan took the role. But I have always had a feeling that, if Dalton had gotten one more Bond film to do in 1990 or so, the producers and writers and director would have found just the right balance for him. But you know, "of all sad words of tongue or pen..."
*Hedison is seen at the end of the movie, quite chipper and cheerful as he chats with Bond on the phone. Dude, what's wrong with you? Your new bride has been brutally murdered and you've been chewed up by a shark! How much Percocet did they give you, anyway?
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The L word Alexandra Hedison Designing Blind B4 - Duration: 2:15. alexhedison 26,768 views. ... Grace and Frankie Cast Real-Life Partners Revealed ⭐OSSA - Duration: 11:30. More Celebrity News http://bit.ly/SubClevverNews Top 5 Forgotten Celebrity Couples http://bit.ly/1jQl97W Jodie Foster tied the knot with her girlfriend ... Jodie Foster and her Spouse Alexandra Hedison - Duration: 1:18. Star Gallery 26,800 views. ... Senior Partners Emergency Meeting - Duration: 9:49. Olivier BOSSARD Recommended for you. Jodie Foster & Alexandra Hedison depart Emmy After Party for Netflix Primetime WeHo. Jodie Foster & Wife Alexandra Hedison Take in the Sights in London Jodie Foster & Wife Alexandra H - Duration: 1:01. news and masti 35,854 views Leave it to Jodie Foster to go and get married and not make a big deal out of it. Foster and her photographer girlfriend, Alexandra Hedison, tied the knot over the weekend Jodie's rep confirms to ... Jodie Foster Family Members Spouse: Alexandra Hedison (m. 2014) Children: Charles Bernard Foster, Kit Bernard Foster Siblings: Connie Foster, Buddy Foster, C... Foster previously thanked her partner at other Hollywood events but kept her sexuality private. E! says Foster and Hedison have been dating since last summer. Jodie Foster tied the knot with her girlfriend Alexandra Hedison over the weekend! E News was the first outlet to break the story about the happy couple, who began dating about a year ago. Former Partner: Alexandra Hedison Former Partner: Anne Heche Partner: Portia de Rossi #EllenDeGeneres #FamilyVideo #Family ...